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The mission of our newspaper and portal is to maintain and develop Polish culture and reach out to furthest corners of North America. We have undertaken a challenging task of enabling access of our fellow countrymen to our media in remote areas of the United States and Canada. We are currently present in locations as far east as New York, NY and as far west as Honolulu, HI, far in the south in Albuquerque, NM as well as in extreme north, in Anchorage, AK.husarki

The Polish diaspora is not as large elsewhere in North America as it is in New York or New Jersey. And despite the need and longing for local Polish media, these dispersed communities often cannot afford creating and maintaining them. The lack of thereof, hinders further integration; there is no appropriate place to advertise for Polish or Polish focused businesses, or communicate community events or traditional festivities.

We are coming forth to assist Polish communities. We will support each initiative aimed at integrating local Polish community and promoting Polish culture with 75% discount when purchasing advertisements or banners in our newspaper or portal.

Moreover, we have also prepared a very attractive offer for local businesses in small Polish centers that provides marketing support for any business. Please contact us to request details of the offer.

We welcome any co-operation. Find out how we can benefit you, your business and your community!