About us

The Poland Times is the first Polish-American media platform operating on the entire territory of the United States and Canada. We are the America-wide Polish medium composed of two parallel initiatives:

  • NEWSPAPER – free, bilingual, issued on a monthly basis and providing wide array of articles regarding contemporary and historical issues concerning Poland, America and the rest of the world .

  • PORTAL – a complete database of relevant topics, information and links to institutions serving and providing information about the Polish community in North America as well as fields of history, economy, medicine or law

The Poland Times intends to cover the area of ​​All the states and provinces of the United States and Canada. In case of the portal and its operation in unlimited, virtual space, our goal has been attained almost instantaneously. Our newspaper however, is being currently distributed in eight U.S. states and over the next few months we plan to expand to following six states.

We hope that through co-operation with many Polish and American organizations in various states and provinces, as well as through individual support of each of you, our project will have accomplished a major success of bringing Polish North American community, Poland, the United States and Canada even closer!